All The Taste of Frying & None Of The Work! Let Your Oven Work Its Magic With This Tasty Recipe

  • Crispy Fried Chicken

Haven’t Tried This Oven Frying Trick Yet? There’s Never Been A Better Time Than Now – Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

I hate to admit this but I am a huge fried food lover! If it’s breaded and cooked in hot bubbly oil chances are more than likely I’m going to love it (my pants and doctor… not so much). Fortunately, for as much as I love fried food I actually hate frying. I find it more than a little intimidating. That’s why this recipe for crispy fried chicken strips is so great!

I discovered it one night while  having a major craving for my favorite chicken strips from a local mom and pop restaurant just a few blocks from our house. However, it was a Monday (the one day a week they’re closed), which meant I needed to get creative to satisfy this craving.

Because gong the healthier route and maybe just having grilled chicken just wasn’t going to cut it. And we’d serve them with broccoli so everything would even itself out.

So off I went to find a way to get that crispy fried chicken and crunchy fried flavor I loved without actually doing any hands on frying. And lo and behold this beauty of a recipe caught my eye. And it was love at first bite!


Quick tip: To change up the flavor use different types of crumbs to coat the chicken—crushed ritz crackers, Cheez-Its, Cool Ranch Doritos and more make great coatings that cook up nice and crisp.

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