Creamy, Meaty, And Tender: Auntie’s Black Eyed Peas Are So Delicious!

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Comfort Food At Its Finest: Make This Side Dish For Every Holiday

I swear, these black eyed peas work magic! My Aunty has always made these during the holiday season. That’s right, they do much more than start off your New Year right. They’re just as necessary for Christmas in my household.

I’ve had this recipe from my Aunty for the last ten years, and my husband has always turned his nose up at them. He has no context for what good comfort food really is, so he never bothered trying them. I finally got him to take a taste this year and he loved them!

These black eyed peas really do work magic! See? My best advice for this recipe is to always plan ahead. Obviously, you need to soak dry beans over night. This isn’t a dish you can impulsively decide to make! As long as you get the beans soaking the night before, you’ll be in good hands.

Adding ham hocks or ham bones to the beans creates such a rich and savory flavor. In fact, I think that’s what won my husband over when he tried them. If you want to test your hand at getting some luck a little early, I suggest you set down a pot of my black eyed peas at the Christmas dinner table!


Quick Tip: If you don’t have ham hocks, leftover ham bones work just as well.

Recipe and image courtesy of: South Your Mouth

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