These Cookies Will Look Stunning On Your Holiday Cookie Tray

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Sweet and Tasty Cookies Full of Holiday Cheer? What Could Be Better!

For the longest time my sister has been known as the resident baker amongst my siblings and I. We have two older brothers who couldn’t care less about baked goods until they’re ready to eat, and then you could say I was definitely a late bloomer when it comes to the baking game. My sister was whipping up from scratch cakes when I was still trying to perfect brownies from a box.

So every year when the holidays would roll around my mom, sister and grandma would have baking marathons and  I would try my best to help where I  could. That usually meant I was relegated to dish washing duty, but I was more than happy just to be part of the baking team.

However, as the years have gone on I’ve ever so slowly started to expand my skills and am now happily cranking out Christmas cookies and other tasty treats for my family right along side my mom and sister. In fact, there are actually quite a few recipes that I’ve tried that have now become holiday season staples that everyone in our family looks forward to.

These cookies? They’re the most requested of all.


Quick tip: These work for any holiday—just swap in the colors of food dye that you need (like red and blue for the Fourth of July).

Recipe and image courtesy of Mommies Need Sleep Too.

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