Easy No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls Are The Perfect Breakfast For Your Whole Family

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Brunch Has Never Looked Better Than These Outrageous (Easy) Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Almost every Saturday during the summer my son has practice or games for a city soccer league. He adores it and has made so many friends playing on the team—but my husband and I could definitely take it or leave it most days. It often means that making weekend plans is almost impossible and even having a nice weekend breakfast (like one with these no yeast cinnamon buns) is practically out of the question unless we want to get up at 6AM.

Yet, we know how important team sports are for him, so as long as he still loves it we’ll still encourage him to play as long and as hard as he wants. To help keep our Saturday my husband and I created a rule that every other Sunday during the summer we’d do our very best to not make plans and just stay home together.

So far we’ve failed miserably at this. But this coming weekend there’s a light at the end of the summer business tunnel and we have a no plans day to just spend together as a family! To celebrate the occasion I plan on going all out with a special brunch complete with these delicious breakfast treats.


Quick tip: Unfrosted cinnamon buns can be frozen together or individually for an indulgent breakfast any day of the week. Simply thaw in fridge overnight then heat up in microwave before serving.

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