Christmas Traditions In The Kitchen Always Make The Best Recipes

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Potatoes That Are So Moist, You Don’t Need Any Gravy Or Sauce With Them!

My father and I have a little tradition we do every Christmas. Really, we do it for every family holiday because we make these crispy potatoes for any event that we can. Ever since I was a little girl, my dad has included me in what he makes in the kitchen.

My dad will peel and cut the potatoes. He mixes the butter and herb mixture together, but then he would always let me stir the potatoes in the butter before we trayed them up in the oven. When I was little, I’d tend to make a mess with some of the butter, but my dad never minded.

That was my favorite memory from Christmas as a kid, he would always let me make a mess and never make me feel bad while we cleaned it up! Now, I obviously am not making quite as much of a mess in the kitchen, but my dad is still around to make these potatoes with me!

He doesn’t help me so much as take turns with me with tasks for making Christmas dinner. Anyways, I really think you should take a stab at these crispy potatoes. Get the kids involved too!


Quick Tip: These potatoes don’t need any gravy or condiments with them. Just serve next to your entrée!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Mom’s Bistro

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