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  • Simple Chicken Enchilada Recipe

This Simple Chicken Enchilada Recipe Looks Good And Tastes Even Better!

When I’m in the mood for some good old fashioned comfort food I don’t reach for  mac and cheese or a casserole. While I love both of those things to me nothing hits the spot quite as much as this easy chicken enchilada recipe.

They remind me of a diner in my hometown that served up the biggest hodge podge of foods you could imagine. You could get breakfast any time of day, a burger the size of your face, and a mixture of Asian, Mexican and Indian style cuisines. I’m not sure how they came up with their menu but it was awesome. And despite it seeming so random everything was always delicious.

But my favorite thing on their menu was this chicken enchiladas. They might not have been authentic Mexican cuisine but they hit the spot any time I stopped in. And once I started cooking for myself I realized that enchiladas were a surprisingly easy dish to make at home, too.

That’s when I stumbled upon this delicious chicken enchilada recipe! It doesn’t taste exactly like the ones I remember. In fact, I think they’re even better. They’re a go-to recipe for my family and  the perfect dish to scale up to feed a crowd.


Quick tip: You can also substitute ground beef for the chicken if that is what you have on hand—you may need a little less than a pound and a half of meat.

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