No One Can Believe This Dessert Takes Just Minutes To Make – Have You Tried It?

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We Love When A Recipe That Looks Fancy Is Utterly Simple—And This One Fits The Bill

In my family it seems we only have two weekend extremes. We’re either busy from Friday to Sunday with the days and hours blurring together as we run from one place to the next or we can’t be bothered to get out of our pajamas because we have no plans to leave the house.

Those lazy weekends are often few and far between—especially now that we have kids who seem to want to add a new activity to their schedules every other week—but when they do pop up we love to soak up every moment. Usually that starts with all of us sleeping in. Or if you’re my husband with getting up early to “not waste the day” and then promptly falling asleep in his favorite chair.

Once we all have finally crawled out of bed and made our way downstairs one of the kids ends up scrounging around asking what’s for breakfast. Depending on my mood or what we have in the pantry and fridge I’ll either tell them it’s every man for himself or see what I can whip up.

On our most recent lazy weekend for some reason I couldn’t get a dessert recipe that I saw recently out of my head. And I thought how it could also work well as an indulgent breakfast…


Quick tip: Instead of puff pastry you can also use refrigerated crescent roll dough—pinch together the seams then assemble the braid as instructed. The texture of the pasty itself will be a bit different.

Recipe and image courtesy of Wine and Glue.


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