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You Can Call Me A Cab, But Don’t Call Me Cruciferous, Darling!

If you had to pick the most versatile, non-starchy veggie, which one would you pick? Green beans are pretty good, but you can’t mash them like potatoes. You can mash carrots, but you can’t put them in a casserole with cheese. You can make corn into a casserole with cheese, but it isn’t easy to digest. Some veggies just have limited applications!

Hmmm….how about the humble, often-maligned cauliflower? It is hard to overlook the versatility of this cruciferous darling. It is even hard for picky eaters to object to eating this, because unless you are serving it plain, or maybe roasted, it doesn’t have much flavor of its own. Instead, it takes on the flavor of whatever you cook with it or whatever seasonings you use on it.

You can rice it and use it in any recipe that calls for rice, thereby slashing the calories and carb content of that recipe. You can even eat it raw, which is something you should never do with a potato. You can mash it with a little butter and garlic and most people would be hard-pressed to think it was anything other than mashed potatoes. So the next time you are searching for a fantastic side dish, give this recipe a try.


Quick Tip:  Cauliflower is jam-packed with nutritional value. One serving (1/6 of an average head) has 100% of the daily requirement for Vitamin C. It also provides B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and dietary fiber. It has been proven to lower the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. Oh, and it does all of this with only 25 calories!

Recipe and image courtesy of TipHero

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