This Addicting Dip Will Be Your New Favorite Recipe

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Snackers Rejoice! This Tasty Cheese Dip Is Going To Blow You Away

There’s nothing quite like a lazy night at home tucking into a gigantic bowl of cheese dip with bacon and ranch, and calling it supper. Am I the only one whose family does that? Every now and then on a Friday night we’ll forego a sit down dinner, make a bowl of one of our favorite dips and chow down while watching a movie or catching up on a TV show.

I’ll admit that the first time I suggested doing this with my husband (who was just my fiancé at the time) he looked at me like I was slightly crazy. And I guess I can see how eating veggies and dip for dinner might seem a little strange… but it was a totally normally occurrence in my family and I knew that after trying it he would come around.

The first time we had a “dip dinner” I let him pick the dip. He chose a hearty sausage dip—one of his favorites to this day. And after just one experience with this non-traditional supper he was hooked. For a while there we actually has standing Friday night dip date where we’d call it a day early, get cozy clothes on and watch a new movie while chowing down.

Such great memories!


Quick tip: In a pinch you can use bacon bits (use the real ones!) for this recipe but the bacon flavor won’t taste quite as strong as freshly cooked bacon.

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