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If you’re A Lemon Lover You’ve Gotta Try This Recipe.

When I started my first job out of college I had no idea I would be there for the next 22 years. Or that some of the people I met there would become some of my nearest and dearest friends. But as luck would have it that’s just what happened—and I’m so glad it did!

Those wonderful years were spent at a local assisted living facility, and the work I did there has always been the highlight of my life. Between the wonderful residents and co-workers, deciding to try something new was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Fortunately, all of my friends there came together to throw me a beautiful going away party.

And at every get together we ever had there we never had a shortage of food, and this party was no exception. Between the dozen different appetizers and desserts I was stuffed to bursting at the end. And when my very favorite co-worker ran in late with an overflowing plate of cookies I almost turned one down.

But I am so glad she persuaded me to try one. They were absolutely divine.


Quick tip: These are also great dunked in a powdered sugar glaze if you prefer not to roll them in powdered sugar.

Photo attribution and recipe courtesy of: Angela Strand.

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