This Recipe Instantly Elevates Your Breakfast Game—Have You Tried It?

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Brunch Recipe Don’t Settle For A Boring Brunch—Make This Tasty Dish Instead!

Shortly after my husband and I got married it started to sink in how little about cooking either of us knew. Before we were married we lived in separate cities and neither of us did more than basic cooking. I’m pretty sure most nights of the week I’d make myself a bowl of cereal and call it good. And cooking something like this brunch recipe would never have happened for breakfast.

But once we were living together we decided that it was probably time to start expanding our kitchen skills beyond frozen pizza. Together we started making basic dishes in the kitchen and even took a local cooking class to give us an extra leg up. And to my surprise I found I rather enjoyed cooking.

I slowly started trying new recipes and weekends were the obvious choice for testing more complicated or longer cooking recipes. My husband didn’t take to cooking quite as much as I did so he became my recipe picker and tester.

He selected this recipe for brunch one lazy Sunday and after one bite we both knew we had found a winner. I honestly have lost track of how many times I’ve made it since the first  time.


Quick tip: Make mini quiches by cutting out circles of pie dough and placing in a muffin tin with a quarter cup of egg filling. Bake for around 20 minutes or until set.

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