This Biscuits & Gravy Recipe Is So Tasty It’ll Make Your Taste Buds Cry Tears Of Joy!

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Biscuits and Gravy Recipe – Think Homemade Gravy’s Hard To Make? Think Again With  This Simple & Delicious Recipe

Ever since I can remember my grandparents have hosted a big family brunch every other weekend. Everyone would go to church and then gather at my their house. My grandma—who was an early rise and always went to an earlier mass—would be home whipping up all our favorites like this easy biscuits and gravy recipe.

Church didn’t get out until 11:00 for us so by the time we got over there everyone would be starving! No one wanted to eat anything before so we could stuff as much of grandma’s excellent cooking into our bellies as possible. We never knew what exactly she’d have for us—French toast, breakfast casseroles, giant muffins and more were all on the table.

We just knew that when we got there no one was going hungry.

After she passed a few years ago we tried keeping up the brunches. Grandpa would do his best to host and a few of us younger family members would show up early to do the cooking. But it was never quite the same without her spunk and culinary skill.

However, I do have to say I have mastered this recipe of hers—and it’s easy to see why. It’s almost fool proof despite being so delicious you’d swear it takes hours to make!


Quick tip: If your sausage releases a lot of fat and grease you can drain—just keep a little of the drippings for flavor.

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