You’re Just 4 Ingredients Away From The Most Decadent Chocolate Dessert On The Planet

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Best Chocolate Cake Recipe – Is Absolute Chocolate Perfection—Rich, Indulgent and Mouth-Wateringly Tasty

I have the strange habit of getting into certain food “phases.” I love to bake and cook and have a tendency to find an ingredient I like and run with it, exhausting it in so many recipes my family eventually revolts—and refuses to eat any more recipes with that ingredient. However, there was one exception. When I was in a chocolate phase my family never once complained, particularly not when I made this Flourless Best Chocolate Cake Recipe.

My chocolate phase was somewhat of a surprise to me actually. Despite a love of sugar I was never a huge chocolate lover, preferring other flavors like fruits and vanilla in my desserts. But when I stumbled upon a baking challenge focused on chocolate as its start I was intrigued. Bake 15 chocolate desserts in 15 days? Sounded right up my alley.

The challenge featured a wide variety of recipes to match different skill levels. I knocked chocolate chip cookies out of the park but my chocolate babka was definitely lacking. Yet, each recipe was so much fun to try! (And left my freezer stocked with treats.)

But the last recipe was the crowning jewel of the challenge. It was heaven in chocolate form (even to this non chocolate lover!).


Quick tip: You can omit the coffee liqueur if you don’t like to bake with alcohol—it is simply there to heighten the cake’s flavor.

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