This Easy Quick Bread Recipe Is A Chocolate Lovers Delight!

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How Can Something This Delicious Be So Easy?

Whenever I get stressed out I bake. I have since I was a teenager when high school drama seemed like the end of the world. After a rough week at school I’d come home on a Friday ready to take over the kitchen, baking up sweet treats like this chocolate banana bread, sugar cookies and whatever else struck my fancy.

My family loved it—especially my mom. Dessert without having to actually make it? It was her favorite thing. Not to mention I was also a neat freak so made sure to clean up the kitchen after I was done destroying it.

When I graduated high school and went on to college I kept up with my baking adventures. Now not only as a stress reliever but simply as an activity I enjoyed doing. I started making cookies every Sunday for my floor in our dorm. As it turns out people really love the girl who bakes free cookies. Especially constantly hungry student athletes.

When one such soccer player came into my room looking for a cookie only to find my tray empty I couldn’t stand his sad puppy dog eyes. I vowed to make him a different treat. One bite into my chocolate banana bread he said he knew I was the one. And he’s now my husband.


Quick tip: Bake this batter into muffins. Bake regular sized muffins for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

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