Bacon? Pasta? Cheese? What More Could You Ask For?

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My Creamiest Pasta Dish Will Have Your Mouth Watering After Reading The Recipe

I tend to throw myself at the fridge every time we open it, in hopes of finding cheese. I mean I always by stockpiles of cheese when I hit the store. Not that I’m addicted or anything – okay, who am I kidding, yes I am.

This Extra Cheesy Pasta With Squash and Bacon was no exception. In fact, it smelled so good when I made it, even my dog was whimpering for a taste.  Sorry, Charlie! No, really, my puppy’s name is Charlie! This dish is not for puppies. Only adults and VERY good children get a bite of this delicious dish!

Charlie never got any of the cheesy acorn squash pasta but honestly it was too good to share with him anyways. I made just enough for my hubby and I, so we weren’t letting ayone else touch our dinner! The husband and I both were super tempted to have seconds, but then saving the leftovers made lunch time the next day totally worth it. I need to double my recipes more often!

I hope you enjoy this recipe. There are plenty of healthy ingredients in it, so you really get a full meal in one dish! The bacon and cheese on the top is just an added bonus!


Quick Tip: You can use regular penne pasta if you don’t have whole wheat!

Recipe and image courtesy of: This Runner’s Recipes

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