Your Kids Will Go Nuts For This Tasty and Easy Dinner!

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Dinner Just Got Tastier With This Easy Pinwheel Recipe!

My husband and I have six children. Six children mean a lot of love and laughter in our household but also a lot of birthday celebrations throughout the year. We love gathering our friends and family to celebrate each of our little ones—even if it means frequent hosting duties complete with a scramble to get a home with 8 people in in clean and put together a fun, tasty and easy menu that doesn’t make us pull our hair out.

Fortunately, as the years have gone by my husband and I have gotten a lot more birthday party savvy. For our first few kids I was bound and determined to do everything big—over the top themed decorations, personalized invitations, and full meals made from scratch. It wasn’t until having a breakdown shortly before our middle son’s second birthday that I realized that all the fanfare just wasn’t worth it.

From that point on I made the conscious effort to give myself a little more slack. To focus on the fun of the party instead of making it perfect. And that included finding a lot more simple dishes that everyone still loves.

Just like this one.


Quick tip: Instead of tomato juice you can substitute 3 tbsp of ketchup for a more traditional burger flavor.

Recipe and image courtesy of Plain Chicken.


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  1. Anita January 11, 2018 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    Did you cook the hamburger first, I hope.

  2. Trish March 2, 2018 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    What temp. do you cook this on? 350?

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