American Ingenuity Meets French Cuisine! Now You Can Cook Like A French Chef!

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How To Eat Like Royalty When You Are Too Busy To Cook

Do you like trying out new dishes, cuisines from far-flung corners of the globe? I enjoy it quite a bit. Mind you, I am not going to be trying chocolate-covered grasshoppers any time soon (such a tragic waste of chocolate!), nor any of the stranger things a person can encounter on their journey through life. But I have developed a fondness for international cuisines. Nothing too exotic, just what the average person in, oh, say France might be having for dinner tonight.

Chicken cordon bleu is just such a dish. At its heart, it is merely chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. But as the French are known to do most everything with flamboyant flourishes, they make a major production out of preparing such a feast. Here in American, we also enjoy our food, but we don’t generally like to fuss around with it – just slap something on your table, call it done, and dinner is served.

With just a little bit of ingenuity, and a nod to détente, I believe it is possible to have delicious, gourmet-tasting food quickly, and with not a lot of fuss. Amanda appears to agree with me, because she has come up with a traditional French dish, prepared in a decidedly American way, that nearly everyone is going to love, especially since all the fuss and bother has been trimmed away.


Quick Tip:  Use good quality ham… my personal preference is either leftover glazed ham, or thick sliced ham from the grocery store’s deli.  The super thin lunchmeat can break down too much.  This is a great recipe for after the holidays when you’re struggling to use up ALL the leftover ham!

Recipe and image courtesy of Amanda at The Chunky Chef

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