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Alfredo Sauce Recipe – Cheesy, Creamy Pasta Is What’s For Dinner—Make This Tonight

When I was younger I was obsessed with going out to Olive Garden. I know—kind of random right? But I was seriously in love with their alfredo sauce recipe —like IN LOVE. However, my parents being normal people who didn’t want to spend their life savings indulging their child’s restaurant whims had to get crafty and attempt to quell the cravings at home. That’s where this one skillet chicken alfredo comes in.

As it turns out neither of my parents really loved cooking. I mean, sure, my mom was a good cook—no complaints there—but she didn’t look forward with anticipation to cooking dinner every night. So her recipes of choice were simple, straight forward, and as quick as possible.

One night (after more days of begging to go to Olive Garden than I’d like to admit) she sat down with her favorite cookbook and attempted to find a similar recipe to my beloved alfredo sauce recipe. Low and behold there was a recipe in that cookbook for a one pan creamy chicken pasta. So she set off to make it, and my new favorite dinner was born.

Today that recipe is long gone, so I can’t totally replicate that childhood favorite. But this quick and easy alfredo sauce recipe comes pretty darn close!


Quick tip: If you don’t have penne pasta you can use 1 pound of your favorite pasta in its place—the time in step 3 may need to be adjusted a bit. Test and taste to check when it starts to tenderize.

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