3 Cakes, 1 Batter – This Dessert Truly Is Magic!

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Don’t Wait To Bake This Magical Treat. Everyone Who Tries It Can’t Believe Their Eyes.

As the resident birthday cake baker for my family I’ve seen and baked my fair share of cake recipes. They’re usually your standard cake fare—chocolate and vanilla or marble if someone just can’t decide. But I’ve always enjoyed being able to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new, which is how I stumbled upon this magical recipe.

My sweet niece who knows I love experimenting in the kitchen told me all she wanted for her birthday cake was for it to be something none of us had ever tried before. It was music to my ears! So I set to work, searching through cookbooks and scrolling through dozens of recipes online to find one that seemed special enough for her.

There were a few that caught my eye (and you can bet I’ll be trying those, too, someday soon) but this one was just calling my name from the moment I saw it. It has a deceptively simple ingredient list that doesn’t give away the magical surprise that pops out of your oven when it’s done baking. My family couldn’t believe how great this turned out—and that it didn’t take any special ingredients or kitchen gadgets to bake.


Quick tip: Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature before you combine them. This ensures everything mixes properly.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Kitchen Nostalgia.


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