1 Skillet Pasta Made In 15 Minutes Will Have Your Whole Family Drooling!

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Have Frozen Veggies You Need To Use? Make This Recipe!

I LOVE making one pan meals. They’re the easiest thing in the world – even more than a crockpot. Maybe it’s because there are less pots and pans to clean after dinner, or maybe it’s because I like to have one giant plate of food when eating a meal.

You know what I mean? When you have mashed potatoes and corn with your meal, have you ever tried mixing the mashed potatoes with the corn?  Have some gravy or sauce, and it all tastes good!

I played with my food too much as a kid, which is why I love mixing all my ingredients together so much. Ot maybe it was all those frozen meals I ate as a kid where the different food items in a meal would spill all over each other in the tray.

Here’s a recipe that’s perfect when you have some extra fresh veggies in the fridge or freezer that need to be used. However, feel free to substitute the veggies I used for other fresh veggies. Seasonal is okay too! The combination of smoky sausage slices with the pasta and veggies is really yummy.

As an option, capers can be added which gives the dish a tangy taste.


Quick Tip: Choose your favorite pasta so everyone wants to eat this recipe!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Coupon Clipping Cook

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