Hurry! Make This Before Summer Ends!

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Great Combination Of Summer And Fall Produce

Quick breads are my favorite breads to bake. Okay, I’ll confess. I am “yeast-challenged” when it comes to bread-making skills – all of that kneading and rising intimidate me. My attempts have always been abysmal failures.

So I was thrilled when I discovered this simply spectacular quick bread recipe from Trish. She always has great, easy-to-prepare recipes that I know will turn out great, time-after-time. This one combines lingering produce from summer with the bounty of fall’s first harvest to make a stunning quick bread loaf.

That icing! Just look at it! Sure, it isn’t strictly necessary and the bread will taste great without it. But it is like the crown on royalty. It lets you know that this bread has a real statement to make, and you had better listen up! You can slather on the frosting, or thin it out a bit and just drizzle it over the top of the loaf, adding just a slight touch of sweetness.

This quick bread looks downright inviting. You can’t help but want to give it a taste test. I love all the bright bits of fruits and veggies that punctuate the batter. But in spite of being loaded with apple, carrots and zucchini, it isn’t dense and heavy like quick breads tend to be.


Quick Tip:  It is very important to squeeze as much liquid out of the zucchini as possible prior to adding it to the batter. It should be almost dry. If you don’t, the batter will be too thin and will take much longer to bake.

Recipe and image courtesy of Trish at Mom On Timeout

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