Classic Grilled Cheese, Meet Your Biggest Competition!

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What Goes With Tomato Soup? You Probably Haven’t Thought Of This!

Who doesn’t appreciate a good sandwich, right? My dad was always one to go a little overboard in the kitchen, but I wouldn’t change a thing about him! Whenever I wanted a grilled cheese as a kid, I would get something extraordinary.

It was never just a basic grilled cheese. You know the kind – Kraft Singles with a cup of tomato soup. My dad always piled my grilled cheese with chicken, sauces, and a load of spices. I guess I was pretty spoiled as a kid. I never even realized until one day when I was staying at a friend’s house. Their mom offered to make us grilled cheeses with tomato soup while we watched a movie.

Needless to say, I was surprised and thoroughly disappointed to see a thin, flimsy, sandwich with a single slice of melted cheese in there. I kept my mouth shut though!

This recipe for Chicken Grilled Cheese is my own creation, but I based it off how I remember the grilled cheeses that my dad used to make me tasted like. It takes a few extra steps to make this, but it’s well worth it. It’s a much more filling meal too, plus there’s more nutrition!


Quick Tip: You can spread butter or mayo on the bread as well so it grills without burning

Recipe and image courtesy of: Yummy Tummy Aarthi

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