Cinnamon Roll Cookies – So Delicious, You Won’t Know What Hit You

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These Cookies Will Blow You Away and Leave You Wanting More

There’s something so inherently cozy about enjoying a big ‘ol cinnamon roll on a lazy weekend morning. You feel relaxed—like everything is right with the world. And, also, if you’re anything like me that cinnamon roll you’re enjoying? It either came out of a can of dough or was picked up from your local bakery.

After all, a cinnamon roll craving usually hits you quickly and with little to no notice. This doesn’t exactly leave you over eager to spend hours making a dough and waiting for it to rise—and those recipes that require you to wait over night? Yeah, instant cinnamon roll gratification they are not.

That’s why us cinnamon roll lovers with no patience for the real homemade thing have to get a little more creative if we want to satisfy our cravings with something we made in our own kitchens. Something a little more manageable when our minds our clouded with our dreams of a sweet sugary bite.

Something like cookies, perhaps? Cookies are manageable. Cookies can be made the same day. Cookies don’t have yeast that might not activate.

Trust me when I say cinnamon roll cookies are where it’s at.


Quick tip: To get nice even slices of dough try slicing with unflavored dental floss—it won’t squish down the dough the way a too dull knife can.

Recipe and image courtesy of Bex Bakes and Cakes.


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