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One Special Ingredient Makes These The Best Pancakes You’ll Ever Taste

Who doesn’t love a light and fluffy pancake to start off the day? Soft and moist, with a mouthwatering malty flavor (say what?), my Ultra Fluffy Pancakes lovingly soak up syrup and butter to become the decadent stack of yumminess that they are.

We’re hard-pressed to think of a better way to start off a weekend! Or a Monday! Or any day of the week!

You may be wondering what the heck malted milk powder is and what it tastes like. Well, I’ll tell you. Malted milk powder is a dry packaged good that you can find at the grocery store. I suggest checking your baking aisle, where non-fat milk solids and condensed milk would be at.

You simply add this ingredient to you flour base, and it greatly enhances the flavor. I promise, you’ve never tasted a pancake quite like this! The flavor is almost a little sweet, but not sugary. It enhances the taste of the natural sugars found in the other ingredients without really making the pancake more unhealthy for you.

Remember, for pancakes that cook evenly, make sure to sift all your dry ingredients. Don’t skip this step! But, when you’re whisking the batter together, you can leave little lumps, which will make the pancakes fluffy.


Quick Tip: Leave the batter slightly lumpy to keep the pancakes fluffy.

Recipe courtesy of: Food Republic

Image courtesy of: Not A Domestic Goddess

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