The Crock Pot Dessert That Is Breaking The Internet

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Are Cinnamon Rolls For Breakfast Or Dessert? You Decide!

You guys, I just made the best thing the other afternoon, and I didn’t plan on sharing it at first. However, I’ve had a change of heart! After making these Sweet Crock Pot Cinnamon Rolls, I knew I had to get it in before my favorite holiday of the season comes up!

These little bites of heaven seriously melt in your mouth, and I can’t stop thinking about it ever since I made it! These babies would be great for any holiday, really. Imagine waking up to the smells that would accumulate in your kitchen from this recipe every Sunday!

Usually, I make most of my food from scratch, but I have said before how much I love a good shortcut. Shortcuts are needed during holidays or big events when you’re making 5,000 dishes in a day.

These Sweet Crock Pot Cinnamon Rolls recipe uses one of those shortcuts by using store-bought cinnamon rolls. Who wants to spend their time every morning baking when there are things to be done with family?

It bakes up to perfection right in the slow cooker, and is topped with the icing and served warm. I cannot explain enough about what a lover I am of this delicious recipe – and I love crock pot recipes!


Quick Tip: Make sure the cinnamon rolls are cold when placing them in the Crock Pot.

Recipe courtesy of: Wishes and Dishes

Image courtesy of: The Easier Life

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