4 Ingredients, 15 Minutes, Ghastly Results!

Be Careful Whom You Point This Finger At! What a positively ghoulish Halloween recipe Elizabeth has created! These witchy fingers look perfectly scary and will add an authentic touch to your Halloween party buffet. But they really are a tasty salty-and-sweet treat that everyone will love. Young and old Halloween partygoers, alike, will get a [...]

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Don’t These Just Scream Halloween?

Are These The Same Apples Snow White Ate? Aren’t these just the most gorgeously sinister and scary-looking “poison” apples? This amazing recipe comes from Alida, and it is sure to catch the attention of every guest at your Halloween party. Create a centerpiece that will WOW your guests by arranging a group of these glossy [...]

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What’s The Matter Mummy, Aren’t You Hungry Anymore?

Your Guests’ Eyes Will Get Huge When They Bite Into These! In my many, many (yes, really THAT many, I’m older than dirt!) years as an aficionado of all things Halloween, especially Halloween pranks, I have never seen one quite like this. It is stunning in its simplicity and so absolutely hilarious when you see [...]

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