Turn This Childhood Favorite into a Sophisticated Grownup Dessert

Bacon and Apples Pair Perfectly with Delicious Monkey Bread I love any recipe that I can use for more than one meal. Whether it’s a casserole dinner that makes excellent lunch leftovers, or an appetizer that also works as a side dish, having those two-in-one recipes makes my life much easier. This recipe works for [...]

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This Breakfast Has Parents Everywhere Rejoicing—You’ve Gotta Try It

Have A Hot And Delicious BreakFast On Even Your Busiest Mornings With This Recipe! I’m pretty sure all parents can agree that having an extra hour every morning—without having to get up an hour earlier—would be an absolute life saver. Between getting ourselves ready, prepping lunches, finally getting sleepy kids out of bed and who [...]

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Festive Halloween Treat To Eat On The Go

You Should Eat These Every Day I have always loved granola bars. I think this is because, when they first started appearing on the market, we were not allowed to have them. Deprivation makes the heart grow fonder, to paraphrase an old saw. Naturally, granola bars became contraband, and being caught with one in your [...]

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